September 30, 2023
In a popular sing-along video, Taylor Swift fans take over a delayed flight

In a popular sing-along video, Taylor Swift fans take over a delayed flight

Swift’s US Eras Tour has three cities remaining on the calendar before going overseas

Taylor Swift fans kept the party going after several attendees of her Denver concert ended up on the same delayed flight this weekend.

In a now viral video shared to TikTok, passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight traveling from Denver to Salt Lake City broke out in a singalong of Swift’s hit song “Love Story,” as the track played on the plane’s speaker system. A flight attendant can be seen walking down the middle aisle recording the entire thing.

Southwest Airlines told Fox News Digital that crew members noticed “most of the passengers were wearing Taylor Swift merch so they decided to have a little fun while they were waiting on the flight to push back.” A majority of the cabin seemed to be either partaking in the celebration or capturing the moment on their cellphones.

Swift, who is currently on her Eras Tour, played two nights at Empower Field.

Another video of the flight, seemingly posted from the flight attendant, was also shared to TikTok.

A woman, presumably the Southwest employee, can be heard saying, “The lights on the phone y’all. Turn on your lights! Enjoy the concert!”

Taylor Swift looked enchanted to be playing for her Denver crowd

In a statement shared with Fox News Digital an airline spokesperson said, “We are known for having a good time at Southwest Airlines and by the looks of it, the passengers enjoyed a quick moment of fun with our Crew onboard this flight.… We applaud our Employees and Customers for this enchanting performance and offer our apologies to any non-Swifties onboard.”

The airline also commented on the video, writing, “We’ll remember this for evermore,” pointedly referencing Swifts ninth studio album.

Taylor Swift played two nights in Denver at Empower Field

The viral video has amassed thousands of positive comments, however there were some who voiced their horror of the situation.

“My biggest fear,” one user wrote.

“My living hell,” another commented.

Someone added, “I would open the emergency door.”

Taylor Swift’s passionate fans are known as Swifties

The user who posted the video shared in the comments section that she ended up exchanging some friendship bracelets with other passengers, a customary practice done at Swift’s concerts, in reference to her song “You’re On Your Own Kid.”

Lots of people commented, wishing they were actually on the delayed flight, writing “I WANNA BE IN THAT PLANE,” and “this would make my flying anxiety disappear.”

A representative for Swift or Southwest Airlines did not immediately return Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

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