September 30, 2023
Is Taylor Swift a more capable economic strategist than Joe Biden? Tomi Lahren believes so

Is Taylor Swift a more capable economic strategist than Joe Biden? Tomi Lahren believes so

Tomi Lahren, the conservative political commentator, and FOX News contributor, thinks that singer Taylor Swift could mastermind a better economic plan for the country than President Joe Biden.

Lahren’s comments came after it was reported by Fortune that Swifts’ The Eras tour, is expected to bring in over $4.6 billion dollars in revenue.

Lahren: “She’s got something that people want to buy”

The comments that were aimed at President Joe Biden were made during FOX News show “Varney & Co” on Monday Morning.

Speaking about the revenue generated by the pop star’s tour, Lahren said:

She [Taylor Swift] would be better qualified than a lot of the people currently working in the White House

Continuing with her commentary, Lahren explained how the tour is benefiting different sectors of all the cities in the tour by saying: “The thing about this tour is not only are people going to the concerts, but they’re getting hotel rooms, they’re buying plane tickets, they’re spending money in these communities when they go and see the concerts… So this is a big generator and we should maybe take a page out of Taylor Swift’s book here. She’s got something that people want to buy. And I think that it’s doing great things for the economy. I think everybody wins in this situation.”

The Eras tour effect

A recent report from the Philadelphia Federal Reserve claims that the 33-year-old songwriter is personally responsible for boosting tourism in the cities where her tour stops. With multiple shows in each city, fans are not only paying a lot of money for tickets, but they are booking hotels and paying for other services like transportation and food.

This is the first time that the tourism sector has seen a boost in revenue since the pandemic started.

Swift’s tour, her first in 5 years, started in March in Glendale, Arizona, and will finish its U.S. leg at the beginning of August in Inglewood, California.

Swift is expected to start the Latin America portion of the Eras Tour later that same month with stops in MexicoArgentina, and Brazil.

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