September 29, 2023
Taylor Swift, Coldplay, and the Rotary Convention Drive Up Hotel Bookings in Singapore for an Eventful First Half of 2024

Taylor Swift, Coldplay, and the Rotary Convention Drive Up Hotel Bookings in Singapore for an Eventful First Half of 2024

Taylor Swift’s massively successful Eras Tour is set to continue in Los Angeles next week with five different shows at SoFi Stadium from August 3 to August 9.

The series of concerts are expected to bring thousands of people flooding to the area, as well as provide a boost to the surrounding economy over the nearly week-long span that the singer will be in town.

However, the union that represents thousands of hospitality workers is calling for the megastar to instead postpone her shows to support their ongoing strike, as thousands call for higher wages and improved benefits.

Unite Here Local 11, the union representing the striking workers at more than 60 Southern California hotels, published a letter on Thursday asking Swift to consider their request because they’ll have a huge impact on the hotel industry.

“Your shows make our hotels a lot of money,” the letter said. “In Los Angeles, hotels are doubling and even tripling what they charge because you are coming. They also add junk fees on rooms, just like Ticketmaster does. But we see none of it.”

Picketing initially began on July 2, lasting through the super busy Fourth of July weekend, which was also conveniently at the same time as a huge anime expo came to town. While that first wave of the strike targeted more than 20 hotels in the Southland, management said they were readily prepared for their workers to walkout.

“The hotels are making more money than ever, but we can’t afford to live close to work, so some of us sleep in our cars between shifts. Our paychecks are so small many of us are losing our homes,” the letter said.”

“Stand with us and postpone your concerts.”

On top of the letter, the union also provided testimonials from several members who identify as Swifties — or megafans of Swift’s — and what the solidarity would mean for their movement.

“I respect her courage to stand up for what is right,” said one of the striking workers from the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills. “What we are asking for is right and fair. That’s why I ask for her to honor our struggle and postpone her concerts until we have a living wage.”

There has been no public response from Swift or a representative yet.

In early June, union members overwhelmingly approved a strike authorization as negotiations continued, with negotiators calling for a improvements in health care and retirement benefits. They also requested an immediate pay increase from $20 to $25, and an additional $3 an hour in following years.

Workers walked off the job for the third time this week, with the most recent pickets taking place outside of Beverly Hills hotels like the Hilton and Waldorf.

Unite Here 11 represents hospitality workers that include dishwashers, servers, bellmen, front desk agents, cooks and dishwashers.

The two sides, which includes the representatives for the Coordinated Bargaining Group that represents local hotels, have traded barbs in recent weeks, with both alleging that the other side has been uncooperative.

The union “has not budged from its opening demand two months ago of up to a 40% wage increase and an over 28% increase in benefit costs. From the outset, the union has shown no desire to engage in productive, good faith negotiations with this group,” CBG representatives said in a previous statement.


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