September 30, 2023
Taylor Swift Selected a 10-Year-Old Fan from a Crowd of Over 70,000 to Take Center Stage During Her Concert

Taylor Swift Selected a 10-Year-Old Fan from a Crowd of Over 70,000 to Take Center Stage During Her Concert

A young girl from Chalmette, who aspires to be on the big stage, had a once-in-a-lifetime experience with global pop sensation Taylor Swift in Denver. Emma Jo Tassin, a 10-year-old Swiftie superfan, is returning home with a precious piece of Eras Tour concert history. She’ll be sharing her unforgettable experience with her classmates at Gautier Elementary this fall.

The Chalmette native says her “Wildest Dreams’ have now come true.

Speaking to Fox8live, she said, “It was my first concert, and I got to meet my favorite singer… all in my first concert.” Tassin was chosen amidst a crowd of 70,000 fans to join Swift on stage to sing her hit song¬†22¬†together. Tassin’s mother, Lindey Tassin, said, “Apparently, they film kids and then go show Taylor Swift’s mom because she’s the one that picks. So, she must have gone back to the tent and showed Andrea Emma’s video and she said, ‘Yes, put her up there,’ or something!”

Taylor Swift performs onstage for the opening night of The Eras Tour at State Farm Stadium

Tassin was left in awe and couldn’t quite process everything that was happening. During the performance, she even exchanged accessories with Swift. Tassin gifted Swift a bracelet with her name on it in her favorite color, purple. Swift wore the bracelet throughout the rest of the Red Eras tour. Both Tassin and her mom have experience with being on stage, making this experience even more remarkable for the talented duo. At just five years old, Tassin was chosen as one of the two local kids to portray ‘Lulu’ in the national tour of Waitress at the Saenger Theater. Her mother is a photographer and also a member of the local acoustic band Cypress Pop Trio. Both mother and daughter share a passion for the stage and the arts. Lindsey said that it was “crazy” to see her daughter on all the screens at the stadium.

Taylor Swift takes pictures with fans

Her mother expressed her amazement at her daughter’s incredible experience, mentioning that she turned to Swift’s tour manager and wondered if she should try her luck with the lottery, still trying to grasp how such an extraordinary moment came to be. The autographed hat that Tassin received holds immense value to her, who is unwilling to part with it. Her mom plans to preserve it in a glass box with a lock on a high shelf to ensure its safety. Swift’s Eras Tour has been a massive success, captivating audiences across the country since its launch on March 17. Even the Federal Reserve is commending Taylor Swift, acknowledging that her sold-out tour is positively impacting the US economy. The Eras Tour, which began on St. Patrick’s Day this year, is a 52-stop exhibition that covers all ten of her studio albums. The ongoing event has surpassed being just a pop spectacle and evolved into a continuous mass cultural phenomenon as reported by The Guardian.




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