September 29, 2023
Taylor Swift's Eras Tour has booked six nights at Toronto's Rogers Centre delighting fans

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour has booked six nights at Toronto's Rogers Centre delighting fans

After the release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) album this month, Taylor Swift became the first woman to have four albums within Top 10 of Billboard 200 simultaneously.However, her Instagram account has undergone changes and is back to promoting her Midnights album. And fans smell something fishy here.Fans have also picked up on certain hints and are speculating about a new announcement.

Fans are forming theories via Swift’s tour dates, promotional pictures

“No way Taylor updated her profiles 83 days after announcing Speak Now, held the phone upside down for tracks 8 and 3 in Midnights Mayhem (a promotional video), and Selena Gomez gave out tickets to 8/3. I want to be an 8/9 announcement truther but 8/3 is looking mighty good right now,” tweeted one of her fans.Others have also echoed the same theory.

What did fans speculate about 8/3 & 8/9?

Several fans have taken to social media and commented on the above tweet regarding picking up similar hints of 8 and 3 and 8/9.The Swifties are expecting an exciting announcement regarding the release of an album in the upcoming week on 8/3, i.e., August 3.According to them, 8/9 hints at the re-release of her 1989 album.

Fans debated whether ‘Reputation TV’ is coming or ‘1989 TV’

“But reputation TV or 1989 TV???” one wrote while another commented, “AND all the announcements she’s done so far on this tour have been on the first night of a stop, i get 8/9 is the last US show but for a major show-stopping announcement like another re-record she’d probably stick to the pattern.”Another wrote, “1989tv is coming.”

Swift’s re-released albums

After her old record label was sold without her knowledge, Swift lost the rights to her own songs. She was left with no way other than re-recording her first six albums from 2006 to 2017 once again to reclaim them.Following this, she re-released three albums including Red, Fearless, and Speak Now with edits in the lyrics of the track Better Than Revenge.

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